Customer Reviews

Wanted to  let you know that on my first shift back from class, the method worked!!! After giving the de-escalation template, I confirmed non-compliance and I made the decision to take action. Afterwards, he actually thanked me, and shook my hand for being so professional. Thank you for everything you have shown me and taught me!

James E. Yarbrough


I appreciate what you do and the passion you have for helping us all improve. I wish more senior officers had the same desire to train younger officers to be the best you can be.

Tony Underwood


Thank you what an awesome class!! I have shared my experience with my coworkers and suggested that they take this class!!

Monika Moore


I would highly recommend the [de-escalation] course to all officers. This course will provide the skills to communicate in this new age of law enforcement.

Class Evaluation Comment


I will be practicing what I learned in my everyday interaction with people.

Class Evaluation Comment


It was nice you can relate to real world use of force scenarios when referencing going hands on. Honesty felt like you look to help us learn how to cover all the bases when we go hands on.

Avery Woodard


I must admit, I was skeptical of this class at first. Over my 20 years of law enforcement, I've taken multiple classes that simply check off a box. This is a class that can save a life or career. I highly recommend it. The class was not used to criticize, but to observe, critique, and guide the law enforcement officer to a better outcome. (A positive environment with positive training.)