Response to Aggression For Female 1st Responders Room

Designed specifically for female fire, police, EMS, or detention professionals. Female 1st Responders must deal with work events that could result in being attacked. Discover your unique female physical abilities.

The course is divided into three blocks; Learning, Flow Drills, and Practical Exercises. Day 2 is spent interconnecting all the techniques, ending the day with practical exercises.

Contact Derrick at [email protected] to bring this course to your area. 

Course Developers

Wendy Anundson

Wendy Anundson is a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She has experience in 12 MMA fights and is actively training for her next match. She and her husband are the owners of Battle Born BJJ and MMA, in High Point, NC. Wendy and her husband are passionately growing the sport and encouraging others to become their best selves. Wendy knows the importance of women discovering the skills that will help keep them safe in potentially dangerous situations. She has a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada.

“While Mixed Martial Arts is an individual sport, behind the scenes we are building each other up and growing together. We are a family learning from each other. I want to share my knowledge and experience with others so they can achieve the confidence they deserve.” -Wend

Derrick Crews

Derrick Crews is  a 28-year law enforcement veteran.  Throughout his career, he has served in a wide variety of roles including EOD, Patrol Supervisor, Use of Force Coordinator, and SWAT  operator as the Assistant Team Commander.

Derrick is a State of NC Defensive Tactics instructor  Gracie Survival Tactics, and Verbal De-Escalation instructor.

In 2019, Derrick became a nationally certified instructor through the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training.