Training Courses

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Church Safety Training: Room Entry & Emergency Care (8 hrs)

1-day course focuses on developing the skillset of room entry concepts and medical emergency care during disturbing events.

Techniques will cover strategies related to negotiating closed and open doorways, movement within hallways, and best practices for engaging threatening individuals.

Emergency medical care techniques will include the application of tourniquets, hemostatic dressings and wound packing, chest seals, and equipment response bag considerations.

De-escalation: 3-Part Workshop Series

 Elevate your team's proficiency in applying verbal de-escalation skills with this comprehensive three-part workshop designed for the workplace.

- Workshop 1: Explore effective communication strategies when dealing with individuals in crisis, ensuring a compassionate approach without compromising safety.
- Workshop 2: Equip yourself to professionally handle situations involving disrespectful or unacceptable behavior, fostering a respectful workplace environment.
- Workshop 3: Develop the ability to promptly identify potential risks to safety when someone exhibits mean-spirited behavior.

This versatile workshop can be delivered as a complete training session or as standalone one-hour workshops, providing flexibility to meet your team's specific needs.

De-escalation & Documenting Use of Force (16 hrs.)

This course is designed specifically for active patrol officers by Derrick Crews, a nationally recognized premier Verbal De-Escalation Instructor. This course utilizes an academic foundation to prove the use of de-escalation. Officers learn and practice how to verbally de-escalate in real time. 

Personal Safety: Your Safety Plan (Workshop)

Enhance your skills in crafting a personalized safety plan for both your professional and personal life with this engaging 1-hour workshop. Explore three fundamental safety principles through dynamic content, complemented by two interactive games that add an element of fun to the learning experience. Join us and discover an enjoyable way to enhance your safety knowledge and apply it to various aspects of your life.

Response to Aggression for Female 1st Responders
(16 hrs.)

Ten solid defense techniques designed to greatly increase female officer safety. Course can be delivered as a one 2-Day course or two 1-Day courses to accommodate work schedules.
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Room Entry & Medical Care: Solo/Dual Officer Tactics
(16 hrs.)

Room Entry & Combat Care specifically designed for agencies that have limited resources. 

Agencies seeking to train their officers regarding sanctity of life under rapidly occurring conditions will want their officer to attend this training. Core concepts taught include Safety Priories, PERF's Guiding Principles on Use of Force, and CALEA Standards 4.1.2. and 4.1.5.  

Contact us to bring this course to your area.

Student Control Tactics for School Resource Officers
(16 hrs.)

SROs have a very unique role within the school. On one hand, they are expected to use force just like any uniformed officer would use on the street. On the other hand, they are expected to be mindful that the force used will most likely be a child. This course empowers an SRO to have options to control a student with no striking. If you truly want to de-escalate, being equipped with the right skill set is a must. Contact us to host this course in your area.
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Utilizing Your Strengths - Maximizing Your Results
(4 or 8 hrs)

Leadership is not an inherited trait, but rather a set of developed skills. You are equipped with natural strengths that once discovered will lead you to achieve your goals and personal success.

What are your natural strengths? Let us empower you to discover the leader you are meant to be! Participants receive a link to complete your top 5 Clifton Strengths Assessment before attending the course. On the day of, we will explore your various strengths and how you can put them to work.  

Use of Force Review for Supervisors (16 hrs.)

Participants will engage in scenario-based exercises and group discussions that bring to life human performance research and help us discover what is reasonable when it comes to an officer's ability to make decisions in time-compressed events. Learn the science behind action and reaction. Participants will apply their knowledge and enhance their skills through practical, hands-on exercises. Our training is designed for law enforcement supervisors, newly promoted supervisors, use of force instructors, and executive management.
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Use of Force Writing for Line Officers (8hrs.)

Learn to construct a use of force report based upon evidence-based practices. Apply NCGS, U.S. Supreme Court rulings, NC training standards, and human performance factors to your review. Do this through practical exercises, scenarios, and out of your seat action!

Please bring your computer and duty gear. We don't sit in our seats for this report writing class. We are here to learn by doing.