Training Courses

De-escalation  & Documenting Use of Force
(16 hours)

Course designed specifically for active patrol officers. by Derrick Crews. a nationally recognized premier Verbal De-Escalation Instructor.  This course utilizes an academic foundation to prove the use of de-escalation through science and review. Written & Practical Test included in the course.

Verbal De-Escalation & Use of Force Prevention for Detention Officers
(16 hours)

Course designed specifically for detention officers by Marc Fioravanti, a recognized training and development expert within the Detention profession. This course is built upon the unique factors that detention officers face every day.  Written & Practical Test included in the course.

Weaponless Ground Defense & Handcuffing
(16 hours)

Twelve solid basic techniques to greatly increase officer safety while on the ground. This 2-day class is geared towards blending additional subject control tactics into an agency's use of force training program. Source material is provided to assist instructors with documenting techniques according to CALEA and Graham factors. 
*Recommended for supervisors, SCAT / PT instructors, experienced BJJ / Krav Maga practitioners. 

Use of Force Review for Supervisors
(16 hours)

In today's climate, solid and extensive documentation of use of force is a must. 
Learn to construct a use of force report based upon NCGS, U.S. Supreme Court rulings, and human cognitive biases.  Complete use of force reviews for executive management, and public consumption.
Several scenario / group discussion breakouts. This is not a lectured based course. 
*Recommended for supervisors, subject control instructors, IA, or public information officers.  

Use of Force Writing for Line Officers
(8 hours)

Learn to construct a use of force report based upon NCGS, U.S. Supreme Court rulings, and NC training standards. Attendees are provided all sources digitally. Please bring your computer, and duty gear. We don't sit in our seats for this report writing class. We are here to learn by doing. 

Room Entry for Patrol Officers
(8 hours)

Tactical room entry for patrol officers based upon nationally accepted best practices. Source material is provided. Required to participate in web-based learning prior to attending the 8-hour in person training. 

Utilizing Your Strengths - Maximizing Your Results
(4 or 8 hours)

Leadership is not an inherited trait, but rather a set of developed skills. You are equipped with natural strengths that once discovered will lead you to achieve your goals and personal success.

What are your natural strengths? Let us empower you to discover the leader you are meant to be! Participants receive a link to complete your top 5 Clifton Strengths Assessment before attending the course. On the day of, we will explore your various strengths and how you can put them to work.