Your Team of Specialists

Your team is composed of accomplished experts, each with diverse backgrounds and extensive proficiency in critical areas such as conflict management, defensive tactics, active shooter response, de-escalation techniques, use of force, officer performance evaluations, leadership development, combat medical care, and agency liability.     

Our unique approach brings you a dynamic mix of 1st Responders and private-sector professionals. This innovative collaboration enables us to give you comprehensive training solutions that are both cutting-edge and rooted in real-world experiences. 

Lt. Derrick Crews (Ret.)

Derrick Crews, a 29-year law enforcement veteran, served as his agency's supervisor for the Criminal Investigative Division. Throughout his career, Derrick served in a wide variety of roles including EOD, Patrol Supervisor, CALEA Manager, Use of Force Coordinator, SRO Supervisor, Internal Affairs, and SWAT as the Assistant Team Commander. In 2018, Derrick received his Force Science Analyst Certification. He has significant experience in tactical operations receiving his POST academy tactical officer certification. Derrick’s current and former instructor credentials include Defensive Tactics, CEW, Use of Force, Physical Fitness, GST 2, and Verbal De-Escalation. In 2019, Derrick became a nationally certified instructor through the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training, and holds a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from American Military University.

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Eddie Dove

Eddie is an active police officer and a nationally recognized de-escalation instructor. His expertise derives from his extensive background in youth engagement, Verbal Judo, and physical fitness. His current assignment as patrol manager has him leading his agency's patrol division. Eddie holds numerous certifications including; a state-certified School Resource Officer, Subject Control Instructor, Integrating Communications, Assessments, and Tactics (ICAT) Instructor as well as an Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate (ALICE) Active Shooter Instructor. Throughout Eddie’s career, he has been instrumental in developing use of force training curriculums/programs, integrating force training and proficiency proofs. Eddie is an IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor and holds Bachelor's in  Fitness Management from Lock Haven University.

Marc Fioravanti

Marc is an active sworn deputy sheriff and nationally recognized law enforcement instructor.  He previously served his agency as the School Director & In-Service Training Coordinator, overseeing the Detention Officer Training Academy. Marc is a state-certified Firearms, Rapid Deployment, Subject Control, and Physical Fitness instructor. He holds additional instructor certifications in Verbal De-escalation, ICAT, Taser, Impact Munitions, BLS, and the SPEAR system, and is also certified through CJ Standards as an instructor and evaluator for the General Instructor program. Marc is a criminal justice faculty member at two local colleges. He is an IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor and holds a Master's in Criminal Justice from Boston University.

Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca is an experienced practitioner in the fields of conflict management, and leadership development. She is currently the Director of Leadership & Development at a statewide agency. She has successfully led training in the areas of effective communication, mediation, conflict resolution, and negotiation, within mental health, healthcare, housing, and child welfare organizations. She is passionate about equipping individuals with skills that empower them to succeed. Rebecca holds a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis, with a focus on crisis negotiation, from Nova Southeastern University.

John Morris

John is an active 24-year police veteran with advanced use of force and tactical experience. He serves his agency’s Special Operations Division, as well as a SWAT Team Leader/ Asst. Team Commander. Previous assignments include Patrol Lieutenant, full-time SWAT Operator, Lead Use of Force Instructor, and Chief Staff Liaison/ Public Information Lieutenant. John is a NC Subject Control, Advanced Ground Defense, Physical Fitness, and Rapid Deployment instructor. He is considered an expert in Excited Delirium and in-custody death. John is an IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor and holds a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice from Western Carolina University, and is a graduate of AOMP at NC State University.  

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David Anthony

David is an active law enforcement professional with expert skills in Administrative and Criminal Investigations. He currently serves as a member of his agency’s Executive Command team and oversees the development and implementation of numerous advanced training opportunities for staff as well as one of the premier Basic Law Enforcement Training Academies in the state of North Carolina. David is an active police trainer having developed and delivered courses of instruction to local, state, and federal partners in the Use of Force, Documenting Use of Force, and Conducting Internal Investigations for Supervisors. He is a recipient of the FBI-LEEDA’s Trilogy Award and a graduate of PERF’s Senior Management Institute for Police (#77). David holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Liberty University.

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Andrew Davis

Andrew is an active 15-year paramedic holding both state and national registry credentials. He received his Tactical Emergency Medical Specialist (TEMS) certification from Guilford Technical Community College. He has 12 years of experience in tactical paramedicine serving both SWAT and EOD elements. He serves as the team commander of an EMS Tactical Medic Team. Andrew received his Critical Care Paramedic certification from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He has six years of critical care and air medical experience. Andrew is a Battalion Chief over a training division and quality management program. He is  a certified American Heart Association instructor for Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). Andrew  is an International Trauma Life Support Instructor, and a Level II Paramedic Instructor with the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Medical Care from Western Carolina University.

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Wendy Anundson

Wendy Anundson is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She has experience in 12 MMA fights and is actively training for her next match. She and her husband are the owners of Battle Born BJJ and MMA, in High Point, NC. Wendy and her husband are passionately growing the sport and encouraging others to become their best selves. Wendy knows the importance of women discovering the skills that will help keep them safe in potentially dangerous situations. She has a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nevada. “While Mixed Martial Arts is an individual sport, behind the scenes we are building each other up and growing together. We are a family learning from each other. I want to share my knowledge and experience with others so they can achieve the confidence they deserve.” -Wendy 

Sunny Yu

Sunny started training Gracie Jiu Jitsu in the early 2000s. He is a certified instructor in Gracie Combatives, Women Empowered and Gracie Survival Tactics Level 1 and 2 through Gracie University. As the Director of Operations at Gracie Durham (2016), he oversees standards of excellence as set forth by Ryron and Rener Gracie. Since 2007, he has served as a part time instructor in the Exercise and Sports Science department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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